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Change Log - Version 2.10

Release Date: 13/02/2023


Category Description
Added Force Update checkbox to initialize Popover
Added Option to Delete Channels and Outputs
Added Pages Export
Changed Function for Clear All Channel
Restart when Storage changes
Show specific error if failed to load Level
Fixed Payload UI not showing up in some cases(fast selection)
Fixed Live Program Preview on Studio without local preview
Fix Toolbar height (Take in/out buttons)
Fix Thumbnails not showing up (redirect to correct route)
Fix Live Program Preview on studio without Local Preview
Fixed Bug: Playlist Scroll
Playlist Added Split Playlist Functionality
Added Playlist Sorting
Can now support up to 8 digits Page id, no need for leading zeros anymore
Group drop Sensitivity
Remote Save Local State
Settings Simplified Settings sections
Change Filter in Settings -> Agents
New UI for Settings -> Shortcuts
Added Filters for Settings -> Macros
Change Auto Login options
Shows Manager Added Folder Structure functionality
Added Duplicate Show
Added a Star icon to All Shows
Added Drag/Drop functionality for folders
Added Filters functionality
Added Jump to folder
Added Sorting for Shows Manager and added a new column for TemplatesManager
Added ability to search for Shows
Rename "Edit" button to "Rename"
Hide delete folder action when the folder is not empty
Template Browser Added Search to Shortcuts and fixed Template Browser long Folder name
Added Templates Multiselect
Added Templates Progress bar when Importing/Reimporting

UI Builder

Category Description
Added Missing Tooltiips in Top Menu
Added Media Support Base64 images
Added Marked Linked Properties
Added new API to set fields directly from Show UI
Added Take events (onTakeIn, onTakeOut, onPreviewIn, onPreviewOut)
Added section titles to menu bar
Enable linking of multiple Templates/Show to the same UI
InfoEditor changes
Hide linked if no show/template assigned
New App menu
Renaming UI limits invalid chars
Restore toolbar button to UI Manager
Restructure Info props section
Show Indicator in FieldID Dropdown
Bug Fix Fix crash when no template / Show is linked
Fixed Bug: Combo with no Templates Crash
Improved Double Scroll and Group Scroll
UIManager Added a summary of mappings
Added validation on UI name change
Cascader changes
Close duplicate confirm on Esc
Default sorted by name
Fixed delete UI scroll issue
Updated toolbar for Templates/Shows
Editable UI name changes
Hide changed time column for children
Link/unlink mapping
Updated buttons for DuplicateUI MessageBox


Category Description
Added option to Skip Verify UE Projects
Sync updates cache data to the latest
Add Launcher Support for Pixotope Multi Versions
Do not Verify Cache by Default


Category Description
Add Context Menu items to Folders Tree
Add Item Details in Asset Info
Add Keyboard Shortcuts for Copy, Cut, and Paste of Assets
Added new component ApiExample
Admin Page Changes ( Save changes before leaving)
Allow renaming folders with allowable special characters
Allow single file upload of bk2/mxf files
Added support for Bink files
Restyle Upload Notification box
Add /api/files/path/to/file URL Shortcut
Remove Custom Meta fields from Item Details View
UI Added Info on multiple selections
Added Status Bar
Toggle Preview Modal on Spacebar
UI Changes to Asset View
Bug Fix Fixed Asset Icon Error
Fix Asset Icon Error

Unreal Plugins

Category Description
UE Added Control Manager Window
Added Control Properties
Added new component ApiExample
Added TCP/UDP/WebSocket interfaces to send API calls
Added visualize components filter
Always show global controls
Added support for Bink files
Cache Textures in Engine on Initialize
Control App simplify drag n drop
Default status should be OK by default
Installer future 23 Pixotope version
Fixed DynamicLayers backward compatibility
Fixed Drag & Drop, Added new Component EditableTextComponent, Update Table Resizer
Fixed possible crash at Shutdown
Fixed Texture loading crashes after Garbage Collecting
Reimport from Snapshot should check if relaunch is needed
Remove ControlPreset (Remote Control Preset)
Remove UE4.26 Support
Support 5.1 API Changes
Texture subsystem fix possible crash and re-layout
UEPlugins Added Categories for functions
Added Cleanup()
Added ProcessControlPayload
Added support of multiple machines for POST through Blueprints
ControlActor detail customization
Improved REST server error message
Proper Fix for DesignData crash
Project and machine settings in one Category
Removed the possibility to add EffectorBoxComponent to actors and blueprints
Fixed exposed Properties that are not being saved to map if ControlProperties was added in BP Editor and Property was exposed in Scene.
Fixed "Ensure condition failed" in LoadTextureAsync
Fixed "JSON Value of type Null used as an Object"
Fixed bug: Properties of Blueprint components could be exposed if other blueprint had ControlProperties
Fixed expose button in Blueprint structs
Fixed Meta for existing pseudo properties
Fixed TCP sockets for Linux