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Change Log - Version 2.9.2

Release Date: 20/07/2022


Category Description
Table insert after bug
disable borderless shell when app is not responding
NumberControl - support keyboard modifiers on Up/Down
Hide Live preview if current payload has snapshot preview
Add auth middleware for logs download
Playlist Managment - dont allow shows to have 0 playlists
Identify Scale vectors and provide better ux
Vizrt Vizrt Snapshot - Reload if needed
Added option to export logs
Remote UI is now resizable
Remote - add continue button
Show thumbnail of global layer
Vizrt Added Support Vizrt TL Continue
NumberControl - improve wheel experience on a small range number input
NumberControl - fix increment on null/undefined should be act as 0
NumberInput did not fire change on spinner change
NumberControl - Fix bugs where values were not updating correctly
Focus playlist on load and after modal is closed
New Feature: Dynamic Layers


Category Description
Set Page/Description via script
fix monaco undo issue
fix selection issue with ctrl
fix color picker closing issue
MultiSelect not showing toggles current value
Multi select didn't show correct value on non-same properties
Fix Crash on specific selection sequence


Category Description
Remove 1TB Quota limit in ui
Fix UE 5 Projects were not launched
Skip cache sync / info if UE project is already running


Category Description
Fix restart issue
Prevent Circular search
Added ability to jump to asset using keyboard
Allow custom meta tags
Fix logs blink issue

Unreal Plugins

Category Description
Rename Layer to Layer ID
Pixotope Pixotope Add Run in editor option
Reset Textures on empty string
Fix Layer Dropdown resets when control component is inside bp
Added Preview Only Control Component
ControlAction to Keep animation at last frame
New Feature: Dynamic Layers
Remove tooltip from the metadata (as title)
Show Transform in a more friendly way
Show Quatation as Regular Rotation vector
Added Control Viewer/Window
Fix bug where ControlWidget triggers Layer In/Out/Change twice
Added Support for FSlateBrush (Texture)
Support dynamic table
fixed crash when closing map that has blueprint with primitive with AddDynamicMaterial in construction script
fixed updating bounding box in case "cloner of cloners"
Add cloner mask
MeshSurface is now a placement type in Mesh
fixed bug with UV in circle primitive
fixed crash in AutoFollow
fixed smoothing groups in primitives for 5.0.1
fixed exposed properties crash in 5.0.1
fixed crash with OnObjectModified
update clones after source was changed
fixed material color not affecting sources
Added transparent mesh in cloner