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Change Log - Version 2.9

Release Date: 01/04/2022


Category Description
CasparCG CasparCG Resources had wrong name
Show target machine in log title
Fix studio crash when deleting active show
Logs Limit view logs to 50K
Logs Logs pagination improvements
Add Run in editor option for Pixotope
New VertexControl UI
New NumberControl UI
Add control fields menu zoom option
Google sheets data source improvements
Fix - Numpad issues
Fix - Server side update settings
Allow caching via profile and command (Unreal Plugins for now)
Fix - Thumbnail was removed when changing channel
Fix - page ID duplicate issue
Add remember checkbox to Authorize Modal
Authorize settings, remember by default
Add duplicate to playlist
Server Allow large payload limits
DevTools & Refresh - CTRL+ALT+SHIFT F5/F12
Templates Added the ability to switch templates between Unreal and any compatible system (e.g. Change from Unreal to Pixotope)
Fix focus bug with TextArea & Input
Vizrt Handle Viz Restart correctly when App restarts
Vizrt Use TL background path in different location
Vizrt Add support for Viz Pilot 2.2.0
Kill local preview when Studio is down
Dont use live preview if not launched (use snapshot)


Category Description
Improve Monaco auto complete for findElement
Number Control Built from scratch, added support for Ctrl & Alt modifiers while dragging
Missing placeholder property for NumberControl
UI Fix - Preview sticks when clicking open while in play mode
UI Fix - can't select field id of an array field
Show Reoder only in list component
UI Make console resizable
Allow Shift+Arrow to move in larger steps
Reset undo/redo after UI switching
UI Rubber band performance improvemnts
UI Fix drop item blinking
Tabs / Groups overflow changes
UI Zoom anchor changes - now possible to zoom in on the canvas
Ctrl + Shift drag fixes
Improved copy & paste (allow paste in group)
UI Console view changes
UI Allow user-select in console
UI Add console scrollbar
Draggable list control optimization
Script Update to latest Monaco Editor
UI Fix - Vertex Linked/Locked values not updating correctly


Category Description
Force file creation with a 0o666 premission mode
Skip cache sync / info if Unreal Engine project is already running
Improve Sync


Category Description
AutoIngest Auto Ingest - FFMPEG Configuration UI
Search Improve tags search
Database storage assets rename fixes
Fix Firefox upload
Assets Rotate image to match exif info
Select asset on double click in standalone app
AutoIngest Command builder improvements
AutoIngest Do not monitor empty folders or if path does not exists
AutoIngest New User Interface

Unreal Plugins

Category Description
Rename AEffectorCloneActor -> ACloneInstanceBaseActor
Protect against GEngine==nullptr
Verify cached textures exist
Reset Textures on empty string
UMG Added Support for FSlateBrush (Texture)
Add Get Components to Pie / Bar Chart
Rename Layer to Layer ID
UMG Added Manual Variable update
Add Expired License Notification
Fixed - Jump To Frame Unreal Engine 4.27
Out by Default - All elements will be set to the "out" state when the scene is initialized
Add text support to ControlCondition
Fix possible crash with Control Color
Fix OnLayerChange being fired before DataRead
Pixotope Added support for Pixotope 2.x versions
Support for 4.25 move to on-request