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Change Log - Version 3.0.2

Release Date: 18/09/2023


Category Description
Improvement Improved the reduction of MOS noise.
New Feature Implemented a new splash screen to appear when no show is created.
Improved Disabled state for "Add to Playlist" button
Added version information in the Login Window when using the Erizos Studio App.

UI Builder

Category Description
Improvement Enhanced the UIB API to ignore missing typings when compiling TypeScript to JavaScript.
Bug Fix Resolved the issue where "Save As" did not consider the manually typed page ID and instead used the latest available page ID.
Bug Fix Resolved the issue where accessing Modules of Libraries/Components was blocked in the UIB API


Category Description
Bug Fix Resolved the issue where Search does not work
Improvement Implemented a feature enhancement to display the Overwrite MessageBox when uploading a file that already exists.

Unreal Plugins

Category Description
Now supports Unreal Engine 5.3.
New Control Component ControlRCpreset