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What is Agent

Agent is a lightweight service that need to be installed on each of the rendering engines machines and is automatically installed on the client machines.
it is represented in Erizos studio by this symbol: and represented as Erizos Studio Icon in the Windows System Tray.

The Agents job is to manage the files transfer between Erizos Studio Server and the render engine. It also manages the caching of the media assets on the local disk of the render engine.

There are two kinds of Erizos Studio Agent. to know what Agent is currently running. there is a visual difference on the Erizos Studio Icon in the Windows System Tray. When Built-in Agent is running, the icon is greyed out, when the Regular Agent is running, the icon is in it's normal color. the Context Menu also change as shown below.

  1. Built-in Agent - automatically installed with Erizos Studio Client
    builtinAgent builtinAgentContext
  2. Regular Agent - a plugin that users can manually install through a installer downloadable from the Portal or through the server
    RegularAgent RegularAgentContext


The Agent can be installed directly from the server by opening the following URL in a browser on the render engine: http://[SERVER IP]:5550/admin/installers
be sure to replace the SERVER IP with the actual IP

Upon launching Studio, it initiates the Built-in Agent. If an Regular Agent is already active, it will automatically deactivate itself until Studio is closed. This approach is taken to address permission concerns, ensuring that the Built-in agent operates with the same permissions as the Studio app.

By navigating to http://[RENDER ENGINE IP]:5510 in your browser of choice, you will find Agent Dashboard and Agent logs, as well as some settings options for Agent.

How to check if a Render machine have Agent installed

By navigating to http://[RENDER ENGINE IP]:5550 in your browser of choice, Go to Settings -> Under Global Settings -> Agents you will see a list of all the available outputs you configured in Erizos studio, and whether or not each output has the agent working.