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Control Components


The ControlClock component allows users to create clock-related functionalities such as timers and stopwatches. It must be attached to a Text 3D actor to allow the value to be controlled using Erizos Studio.

Property Type Description
ControlID String The ID of the control component
Title String The name of the control that appears in Erizos Studio
Start Time (Seconds) Number Specify the Start time of the clock (in Seconds)
End Time Boolean Specify the End time of the clock (in Seconds)
Direction Up/Down Turned off by default
Format String Sets the direction of the clock in which it will increment/decrement.
Custom Format String Selects the format of the clock to be displayed from a preconfigured set
Start on Set Boolean Create a custom format of the clock to be displayed
Control End Time Boolean Start the clock every time it is on the “Set” mode.
Control Direction Boolean Exposes the Control End time field on Erizos Studio
LayerID Control Layer Exposes the Control Direction on Erizos Studio