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Dynamic Layers

Dynamic Layers are blueprints generated or spawned in runtime by Erizos Studio. They behave like Control Layers, the only difference is that they are dynamic and spawned only in runtime making your project lightweight and efficient.

Setting up Dynamic Layers

To Set up Dynamic Layers:

  1. Select the Blueprint Actor to be set as a Dynamic Layer, In the Actor Details Panel, Click the Class Settings and reparent the blueprint to Dynamic Layer Base Actor.

    Reparent Blueprint
  2. In the Level, Place a Dynamic Layers Actor in the world. This is necessary for Erizos to find all the Dynamic Blueprints to be spawned.

  3. .In the Details Panel of the Dynamic Layers Actor, set the Look in Folder to the directory in which all the dynamic layers to be spawned are located.

    Set LookitFolder


Don't forget to compile and save your Blueprint to save the changes you have made.

You can learn more about Placing Actors in Unreal Engine at this link.

Loading and Unloading Events on DynamicLayersActor

There are 2-ways to load and Unload events on Dynamic Layers Actor.

  1. On Each Dynamic Layer BP -> Add the Begin/End play events and use them as the Loading and Unloading events respectively.


  2. On the DynamicLayersActor(the one that spawns) you can hook the OnDynamicLayerSpawned event and bind the spawned layer destroy event


Exposing Parameter-less functions

DynamicLayerBase also supports parameter-less Blueprint functions, because functions can't be marked public/private in UE you need to prefix them with an asterisk * so Erizos Studio can expose the Functions.