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Combo Templates

Combo templates allow you to combine multiple templates and create a new template that combines them. Using it allows you to Take-in multiple templates simultaneously and better organize your show.


combo page only works with certain elements - as for the battle neck of the engine in airing only one scene at a time.

You can create a combo template from the following elements:

  • Unreal: layers from Erizos Control Layer
  • Singular: Sub compositions
  • Vizrt: transition logic

You can combine multiple templates from different engines as long as both of them are supported.

To create a combo template:

  1. Open the Template manager on the upper left corner

  2. Multiselect (by holding Ctrl + clicking) two or more supported templates.

  3. Right click on any of the selected templates.
  4. Select “Create Combo”
  5. Enter the desired name of the new template, or use default.

combo page