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Settings: Macros

Macros allow you to extend keyboard shortcuts and create custom functionality assigned to a shortcut.

To create a Macro:

  1. Go to the Settings ()
  2. Go to Macros and click Add ()
  3. Click on the Shortcut field and press the key, or combindation of keys, to be binded with your Macro
  4. Click on the Macro and type the Macro command to be executed
  5. Click Save Settings to Save the macros you created
  6. You can also remove any Macros by clicking on this icon


The Macro list:

Action Description
TakePage pageID Takes in/Push in a Page by providing the page ID
TakePage pageID_1 pageID_2 pageID_n Takes in/Push in a series of Page by providing the page ID separated by a space.

Importing/Exporting Macros

  1. To Import a Macro Click Import () and select the file (.ezmacros) to be Imported.
  2. To Export a Macro Click Export () and select the location.