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Mediahub setup

  1. Make sure you have access to an installed Erizos MediaHub.


    If you don't have MediaHub installed check Installing MediaHub

  2. Open your browser (on the client machine) and connect to the server


    to connect the server go to http://[SERVER IP]:5550 on your browser of choice.
    (server ip - the IP of the machine on which Erizos Studio Server is installed).

  3. Click on Settings


  4. Click on Storage

  5. Turn on MediaHub
  6. Fill in the address with the IP of the machine where you installed MediaHub
  7. Fill in port 5600
  8. If you're not using Erizos agent - fill in “Publish folder” with a path to the folder you want to use as MediaHub storage folder.


    if you are using Erizos agent - you do not need to fill the Publish Folder. This is the recommended method

  9. Click on Save Settings

setup mediahub