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Playlist Import


The Playlist Import feature enhances the management of Pages and Templates within playlists, offering users the ability to efficiently copy, duplicate, or move Pages and Templates from one Show/Playlist to another.


Auto / Manual Page Offsets

You can set an offset to automatically shift the Page IDs of the pages that will be imported, otherwise, Erizos Studio will automatically create a distinct ID.

Selecting/Deselecting Pages

You can choose which Pages will be imported by selecting the checkboxes.

Template Import

If you choose to move Pages to another Show/Playlist, and if the destination Show or Playlist does not contain the Template for the Page to be copied, another section will appear in the Import Modal, which will display a list of templates used by the selected Pages, here you will be able tochoose which Templates to be included in the import process.

Handling Page Conflicts

If a Page or Template with the same ID already exists in the destination Show/Playlist, a warning will be shown. You can choose to overwrite existing Pages, ensuring flexibility and control over the import process.

How to use

To access the Playlist Import window, first copy the pages that you want to move or duplicate, then right click on the playlist and select “Paste with Options” or “Duplicate with Options”. Alternatively, users can use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+V

PlaylistImport Paste

Studio will automatically detect if the included Template in the Clipboard exist in the destination.

If the Template does not exist in the destination Templates Manager or the Template in the destination folder is older than the Template to be import, Studio will add the option to include the Templates in the import process as shown in the screenshot below.

PlaylistImport with Template

If the Template already exists in the destination Template Manager and the template is up to date, Template Import will automatically be hidden. As shown in the screenshot below.

PlaylistImport without Template


Make sure to check all the Warnings before proceeding with the import to prevent overwriting your Pages and Templates. Warnings are showed at the end of every Row, the Bottom portion of the window as well as the Offset button.