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The Playlist interface

The Playlist bar

playlist bar

  1. Rename Playlist - rename the current playlist
  2. Delete Playlist - delete the current playlist
  3. New Playlist - add a new playlist
  4. Filter Playlist - Filter the playlist by Name, Channel or System
  5. Split Playlist - Splits the Playlist into two Playlist window to display multiple Pages at the same time.


To create a group follow the following steps -

  1. Right click on the playlist window
  2. Select and click New Group
  3. Double click on the “New Group” and give the new group a suitable name
  4. Drag and drop desired pages into the group


Show/Hide Playlist columns

  1. Right click on one of the playlist column titles
  2. Check or Uncheck a selected column title


Assigning Pages to Channels

  1. In the playlist window select the page row and and click under the channel column.
    A small window will appear with all the channels that are available for this client profile.

  2. Select one of the channels in the list


Quick Lookup

Erizos Studio has integrated a quick lookup by page id in Playlist, by typing the page id using the numpad you can quickly navigate through Pages.

  1. To select the Page you searched for, click Numpad Add Num +
  2. To reset your search inquiry, click Numpad Decimal Point Num .
  3. To exit Quick Lookup, click Esc Esc

Quick Lookup

Filtering and Sorting Pages

Filter Pages

Erizos Studio introduces a filtering feature, providing users with a more refined and efficient way to navigate and manage content. With the new filter capabilities, users can easily narrow down their search based on specific criteria. The following filtering options are now available:

  1. Filter by Name: Users can now search and filter content based on the name assigned to various elements within Erizos Studio. This is particularly useful for quickly locating specific items in large projects.
  2. Filter by Channel: The new filtering functionality allows users to organize and access content based on the assigned channels. This is beneficial for users working on multi-channel projects, allowing them to focus on content relevant to a specific channel.
  3. Filter by System Used: Users can categorize and filter content based on the system used in their projects. This feature is valuable for projects that involve different systems, making it easier to manage and differentiate content.
  4. Filter by Color: Erizos Studio now supports filtering by color, offering a visual categorization method. Users can assign colors to elements, and then filter content based on these color codes. This enhances the visual organization of content, particularly for users who rely on color-coding for project management.


Sort Pages

Users can also Sort the List by clicking on the arrow indicator in the Header of the List.