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Shows Manager


A Show stands as the primary unit encompassing all content elements, such as Playlists, Templates, and Pages. In Erizos Studio, it's customary to generate a distinct Show for each television program. This division ensures a separation of content. For instance, your Morning Show will feature distinct graphics compared to your Sports Show. In Erizos Studio, these differences are represented through two separate Shows: "Morning Show" and "Sports Show."

Show Manager list all your available Shows. Additionally, you have the capability to create, modify, or delete Shows. This functionality extends to importing, exporting, and renaming existing Shows as well.

Opening the Show Manager

To open the Show manager click on at the top left corner of Erizos Studio main interface.
The Show Manager will open in a new Modal window.

Show Manager icons

At the top right of the Show Manager window, you will find the different actions available, some of which are available only after selecting an existing show.

show manager icons

Icon Description
Create new show.
Import show file (.ezshow format) from the machine to Studio
(.ezshow is Erizos shows format).
Export selected show to the machine in .ezshow format
available only when a show is selected
Delete selected show
available only when a show is selected
Rename selected show
available only when a show is selected