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Settings: Storage

Under the Storage tab you can find MediaHub activation - which was explained here.
In addition to MediaHub there is another toggle button for “Storage”. Turning this button off will prevent Erizos Agent from transferring files between clients automatically.

While the button is off Studio is sending a Path as the target location - and the receiving end needs to have the correct graphic in that exact path for Studio to work properly.

If the Storage Setting is enabled, users can also access additional features such as:

  1. Allow Image Cropping - When enabled, the system generates and stores cropped images on the server. Disabling this will save server space but also disable the Crop function for all images.
  2. Upload Assets to DB - this prevents assets from being stored in the server database. if disabled, users won't be able to access assets in the browser version of Studio Client, and the exact asset path must be present on all render nodes. This is applicable only when MediaHub is disabled or unavailable.
  3. File Size Limit - This restricts the use of files larger than the specified limit. Files exceeding the limit cannot be used.


We recommend to enable the Storage settings