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System Overview

System Infrastructure



Clients should be able to connect to the ip on these ports:

Server port
Studio Server 5550
MediaHub 5600

Each output engine should have Agent installed, and the following ports open:

output port
Agent 5510
Viz Engine 6100
(or any other configured tcp port)
UE Engine 5000

Outputs should access Studio Server & MediaHub


Studio server will connect directly to the outputs


Each Client (app) should have Client installed (from the admin web interface) the following ports should be open:

service port comment
Agent 5510 no need to install agent - it comes built-in with the client app
Vizrt Engine 6100 if used to preview Vizrt Engine
Unreal Engine 5000 if used to preview Unreal Engine

Clients machine should be able to connect to the Studio Server & MediaHub, and server should be able to connect them


Studio Server is a service so it cannot access mapped network drives.

Installation Folders

Windows System Component Installation Folder
Windows 64-bit Studio Server C:\Program Files\Erizos\StudioServer
Studio Client C:\Program Files\Erizos\Studio
MediaHub C:\Program Files\Erizos\MediaHub

Data Folders

Files which are created or modified by Erizos Studio are located in %ProgramData%\Erizos. By default, this is C:\ProgramData\Erizos. This folder is referenced as throughout this User Guide. The folder contents include:

  • Configuration files
  • Log files
Component Installation Folder
Studio Server %ProgramData%\Erizos\StudioServer
Studio Client %ProgramData%\Erizos\Studio
MediaHub %ProgramData%\Erizos\MediaHub
DataHub %ProgramData%\Erizos\DataHub

Running http/https

Erizos Studio Server and MediaHub both supports running http/https. To run https, users needs to provide 2 files for it to work.


Add the files to the ProgramData folder:
C:\ProgramData\Erizos\Studio Server

the Server will load them at startup and serve https with the provided certificates.