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Common issues and Troubleshooting

Agent is Unable to Cache Unreal Project

The Agent creates a local copy (cache) of the Unreal Project, which allows the system to run the game from local disk to improve loading times.

To be able to create the local copy, the Agent needs to be able to access the Projects Folder defined under Renderers/Unreal Engine in the Settings of Erizos Studio.

Common issues that prevent the the Agent from accessing the folder:

  • The path to the folder is a local folder path e.g. C:\path\to\folder, the Projects Folder setting should be a network path.
  • The path to the folder uses a hostname e.g. \\My-Computer\path\to\folder, base on your network configuration, the path might not be accessible using the hostname.
  • The network share is password protected - ensure that the network share is accessible without a password protection.