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UI builder - Studio API


Erizos Studio UI Builder added another useful API functions that can be used to easily manipulate the common features of the Erizos Studio.

  1. Profiles
  2. Playlist
  3. Engines
  4. Channels
  5. Pages
  6. Storage

This is useful when users wants to have additional control of the functionalities they commonly use that they want to add to their Show UIs and Template UIs such as Taking IN of Pages, change of Engines, moving from one Page to another. etc.

In this example, we utilised the Playlist API and read the Page by asking for the PageID of the Page we want to read, we can also read the next or previous page by simply calling the API.

Download ezUI File

Read Page API

function getPageID(id){
  if (id.value)
    return id.value;

readNext_BT.onClick = () => Api.playlist.readNext();
readPrev_BT.onClick = () => Api.playlist.readPrev();
readPage_BT.onClick = () => Api.playlist.readPage(getPageID(pageIDPlaylist_TI));