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Publish to Remote


The Publish to Remote feature in Erizos Studio enhances collaboration by enabling users to seamlessly share UI versions across multiple machines in the network. this feature is integrated seamlessly with the Revision feature allowing users to have flexible history list of the changes made in the UI.


Publishing UI Versions

The feature supports both creating a new UI or replacing an existing one on the remote machine. If the UI already exists, it will be replaced with the latest version but it will require to store a revision. If it does not exist, the UI will be added to the machine.

Integration with Revisions

The feature is seamlessly integrated with the Revisions. Users can create multiple timelines of UI revisions, ensuring a detailed history of changes.

Handling UI Conflicts

If a UI with the same name exist in the same machine, a warning will be shown. Users can opt to create a new UI by creating a different name or overwrite the existing UI. if the user choose the latter, Studio will save a Revision of the UI in the Remote server before it will be completely replaced.

How to use

In UI Builder, open the UI you want to publish.

Click the Hamburger button at the upper left, then select "Publish UI" AccessPublishToRemote

Enter the IP address of the Erizos Server where you want to publish the UI and provide the necessary credentials to connect to the server.

  1. Server: The IP Address of the Server you want to publish the UI
  2. Username: The Username of the Server
  3. Password: The Password of the Server


On the next page, specify the UI name. If you publish a UI with the same name as a UI that exists on the remote server, it will create a revision of the published UI in the remote UI. PublishToRemoteUI Info

In the next page, if the remote UI has changes that do not exist in the UI you are publishing, Studio will prompt you to either save a backup of the remote UI as a revision or skip this step. PublishToRemote Backup Revision

The final page provides a summary of the details you are sending to the server. PublishToRemote Summary