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Libraries are useful for creating snippets of codes that are being used in multiple UIs at the same time. this snippets of code can be called and updated anytime.

Creating Libraries

To create a new Library:

  1. Go to the UI Manager -> Library
  2. Click Create New Library
  3. Name your new Library and click Create

Add UIM Library

Attaching Libraries to UI

Attaching Libraries to UI is straighforward:

  1. Go to the UI you want the Libraries to be attached
  2. Under the UI Builder Controls window, under Scripts
  3. Under Libraries, click Add Library
  4. Check the Libraries you want to add and Click Update

Attach UIM Library

Removing Libraries from UI

To remove a Library from the UI:

  1. Under the Builder Controls window, click the Add Library
  2. Uncheck the Libraries you want to remove from the UI and click Update


    Deleting or Renaming Libraries while being used/referenced by other UIs may break your scripts, make sure to remove all references before you remove your Library.

Remove UIM Library

Adding and accessing Modules

To add and access Modules, Please visit Modules documentation.