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User Interface overview

UI user interface

  1. UI Builder "file" tab:

    Icon Description
    Expand App menu
    Open UI Manager
    Export UI
    Import UI
    Enlarge or Decrease the size of the Canvas
    Toggle button Editor/Preview mode
  2. UI Builder controls:

    Icon Tite Description
    Modules and Libraries These is where you can create your own Modules and Libraries
    UI Components These are the static building blocks on your UI. You can drag an drop the components from the list into the canvas (4)
    Components Hierarchy Tree Here you can see the hierarchy of your UI. Components that are children will inherit properties from the parent component.
    Control Objects Control Objects are the exposed fields from the graphic scene (only availble in Template UIs). You can drag and drop these items into the canvas (4) and a UI component that matches the data type will be created for you.
    External Data Sources In this section you can configure external data sources (Mysql, MS SQL, Google Sheets). Data sources can then be accessed via Javascript.
    Revisions A revision is a "snapshot" of your UI, you can save a revision and revert to a revision at any time.
    History Here you can find the undo/redo history of your work.
  3. Properties - for more information Properties overview.

  4. UICanvas - This is the main work area. You cand Drag, drop, resize and position components here to create your UI.
  5. Javascript scripting - here you can use javascript to add functionality and create events for your UI.