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Users Configuration

Erizos Studio provides a multi-user workflow by creating user accounts for each user of the system.
Users can be assign to any of the four permissions categories:

--- Admin
studio UI builder Mos


The default user is:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Configure a User

  1. Open your browser (on the client machine) and connect to the server and log in


    to connect the server go to http://[SERVER IP]:5550 on your browser of choice.
    (server ip - the IP of the machine on which Erizos Studio Server is installed).

  2. Select the Admin Option

    admin settings

  3. Click the Users Tab

  4. Click the to add a new User
  5. Enter the User Name
  6. Enter the Name
  7. Select the roles for this user
  8. Choose and confirm the password
  9. Save

    creating user

User Activion

The active column in the users table, indicates if the user is currently logged into the system.

creating user