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MediaHub Settings: Dashboard

Admin panel

Admin Panel

MediaHub dashboard provide performance and statistical information about MediaHub storage and the machine it is running on.

In the admin section of the dashboard, you will find the size of storage currently being use on media hub, in size and in files amount.
The dashboard emphasizes the space that images are taking from the overhaul storage, you can see the percentage ratio of images from the total files (based on file size), and you can see how many files are of each kind (images, videos etc..) and how many space there are taking.

At the bottom of the admin section, you will find 3 buttons that are protected with confirmation question.

  1. Reindex Search: MediaHub will go through the storage sync the search index with the storage stack.
    Reindexing should be used if searching times are getting too long, or if the search function returns incorrect results.


    this is quite heavy process and will take some time to finish. It should not be done right before going On-air

  2. Download storage: get zip file of the entire MediaHub storage.

  3. Restart: restart the server. This will not empty MediaHub storage

Storage panel

Storage panel

Underneath you will find the Storage panel- here you can see information about the machine you are using.
First the hard disks are shown, each with its storage usage.
Second is the machine CPU information and its usage (workload and memory usage).